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Communication Engineering group comprises of two labs, Communication lab-I and Communication lab-II. Communication labs have been upgraded and are equipped with state of the art test equipment and software tools. The objective of the project is to develop a facility to carry out design work in emerging technologies such as RF, Microwave, Satellite and optical communication. Communication Engineering group plans to expand its activities in the following areas:
* RFID Systems
* Optical networks
* Digital signal processing (Pattern recognition and image processing)
* Fiber scopes / Image scopes
The equipment / systems designed and developed will be utilized in inventory control of store, medical purpose and identification of persons to enhance the security.


Telephone Bugging Device

The devices are connected with telephone direct and in series. The specifications of the devices are:p1

  • Undetectable by PSTN
  • frequency is adjustable by user
  • Line powered / Low powered
  • easy to install and operate
  • Range 100ft in shielded area & 300ft in open area

Room Bugging Devices

The devices are RF based, available in three different models with different sizes, the specification of the devices are:p2

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Frequency Modulation
  • low RF signal powered
  • Range 100ft in shielded area & 300ft in open area
  • Optical Surveillance Devices

The Optical transmitter is placed on a window pane, the receiver is aligned with the help of telescope. The conversation can be heard and recorded as desired, it consists of following specifications:p3

  • 12V DC (RX) & 6V DC (TX)
  • low optical power
  • Optical modulation (amplitude)
  • 400ft of communication range

On Going Projects

Pattern Recognition System

A fingerprint is a feature pattern of one finger. It is believed with strong evidences that each fingerprint is unique.

The system is based on interfacing a scanner for Verification and identification.

  • Fingerprint Identification


  • Access Control.
  • Required for personnel identification in Govt. Dept.
  • Factories, private offices, where identification is required for safety.
  • Hospital Corporate bodies etc.
  • National identity cards for avoiding duplication.
  • Identification/verification of Immigration/passports.
  • Motor vehicle licenses.
  • PC security system/internet access system.


  • System is based on fingerprint recognition.
  • Allows access /identification to person, which is matched with database.
  • Compatible with windows XP, Vista, NT windows server.

Pattern/Image Recognition System
This system is based on interfacing a camera for face recognition and fingerprint scanner for identification/verification. It involves two sub domains are:

  • Fingerprint Identification.
  • Face recognition


  • Criminal Investigation
  • National identity cards for avoiding duplicate.
  • Driver’s License.
  • Face Recognition.
  • Fingerprint matching and identification.
  • Degree/Certificate verification.
  • PC security system/Internet Access System.


  • Provide high level of security/identification.
  • Compares both pattern & picture of the authorized person.
  • Can be tailored as per requirements
  • Pattern/Image Recognition using RFID System

The most modified system is based on interfacing a scanner for fingerprint identification/verification and a camera for face recognition and RFID for monitoring and access control .it involves three sub domains

  • Fingerprint Identification.
  • Face recognition
  • RFID Access control


  • Can be used for tracking, monitoring and access control of employees.
  • Medical History Management using identification.
  • Social Security.
  • Passport Control


  • Provide highest level of identification security.
  • Compare information using three sources pattern, image &data from tags.
  • Can be custom designed as per requirement

Security/ Detection & Surveillance System

Communication Engineering lab has facility to design and develop Security/ Detection & Surveillance system. Using this facility following projects will be produced to market within 04-06 months.

Handheld Metal Detector:

It will used to find metal weapons and/ or metal contraband carried on a person and/ or concealed by a nonmetal object.


Used in all Government/ Private organizations, security agencies and urban areas.

Walk through Gate with advance features:

It will be used for full body automated scanning more ranges as compared with hand held metal detection using multi zones technique. With the advance feature like camera recording and PIR sensor attached, display for counting persons enter and exit.


Used in all Government/ Private organizations, Sports events, Special events: VIP protection, security agencies and urban areas.

  • Access Control
  • Criminal Investigation


Communication Lab can provide the following services.

  • Up-gradation / modification of special purpose Telecommunication equipment.
  • Repair / maintenance of specialized Telecommunication equipment.
  • Design / Development of customized Telecommunication products.


Communication Group can provide training in the field of Advance telecommunication techniques covering the following areas.

  • Landline based communication
  • RF based communication
  • Optical communication
  • specialized custom oriented training can be provided

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