NIE has established a testing center capable of providing testing services such as electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), environmental & lamp testing. The team inducted is highly qualified and trained for the purpose. All the testing services are conducted as per requirements of IEC standards such as IEC 60995, 60335. The center is accredited from Pakistan national accreditation council (PNAC) for testing. In addition to the testing, calibration of basic electrical parameters is also a strength such as voltage, frequency, current etc. our major customers are academia, industry & user of electronic products.Customer demanded/customized testing is one of our major expertise.


  • To be recognized as most reliable and recognized national quality assurance center serving customers from manufacturing industry to trading sectors.
  • To provide a reliable technology-based service of testing and certification of electronic products based on internationally recognized standards;
  • Provide pre-compliance training to manufacturers and traders of electronic goods on matters such as safety and quality requirements during production, importance of certification, applicable national and international standards, etc.
  • Contribute in boosting exports of industries and to overcome non-tariff technical barriers to trade; and Keep track of changing international trade regulations and safety standards to assist our clients in penetrating the global markets.


The Centre has enormous capacity to grow and expand its activities. It is planned to enhance the scope of the Centre to include advanced EMC testing, RF calibrations of test & measurement equipment, comprehensive training sessions on electrical safety & EMC testing, R&D in testing methods, etc.

Center for Quality Testing and Certification (CQTC)

Testing Facilities

Electrical Safety Testing EMC/EMI (Immunity test)
  • High Voltage Test (Dielectric Voltage Withstand test)
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Earth Continuity Test
  • Leakage Current Test (Line Leakage Test)
  • Electrostatic discharge test
  • Burst and Surge test
  • Damped Oscillatory test
  • Ring wave test
Lamp Test Environmental Test
  • Input Power
  • Power factor
  • Temperature/Humidity withstand test
  • Insulation resistance and Electric strength
  • Dry heat test
  • Temperature and Humidity test
Energy Efficient & Specification test
  • Functional run and Parameter test

Calibration Parameters

  • AC/DC voltage
  • Current AC/DC
  • Inductance
  • Resistance
  • Frequency
  • Capacitance
  • Conductance

Center for Quality Testing and Calibration can perform the calibration of following range of electronic equipment under the scope of above mentioned calibration parameters.

  • Digital Multimeter
  • Digital Oscilloscope
  • Digital Power Supply
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Clamp Meter
  • Capacitive and Resistive Networks
  • Frequency Counter
  • Electrical Safety Analyzers
  • Function Generators

Aforementioned equipment are listed on basis of past practices. Any equipment that comes under the category of above the parameters and is not mentioned in the above given list, is encouraged to be put forward in request for quotation.

Mr.Muhammad Faisal Paracha
Designation : Incharge CQTC, Senior Research Officer

Mr.Abdullah Tariq
Designation :Research Officer

Mr.Muhammad Ali
Designation : Principal Technician

Mr.Zulfiqar Humayun
Designation:Senior Technician

Contact Us

Mr. Zulfiqar Humayun
Industrial Liaison Officer:

Center for Quality Testing & Certification of Electronic Products
National Institute of Electronics, Plot # 17, Street # 6, H-9/1, Islamabad

Telephone: (+92)-51-9265007